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How you can help the environment

Has the latest State of the Environment report left you feeling the need to do more to help keep Australia beautiful? The report found Australia’s environment is in a “poor and deteriorating state” thanks to climate change, mining, pollution, the impact of invasive species, and habitat loss.

Fortunately, the five-yearly report also found that with immediate action and innovative management things could be turned around. And for anyone feeling hopeless or anxious about the environment the good news is there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to that turnaround this month.

1) Volunteer

There are more than 6000 Landcare groups and about 100,000 Landcare volunteers throughout Australia. Their activities can range from planting native trees, shrubs, and grasses to create habitat for native animals to managing community native plant nurseries to educate people about the value of local indigenous plant species.

They might also get involved in monitoring climate change by working with volunteers to monitor the changes in the habitats of fauna and flora and providing research data to universities and research agencies. Other groups might work to protect fragile coastlines by protecting beaches and sand dunes. Landcare farmers engage in sustainable agriculture practices and the organisation consults with traditional owners about local land management.

2) Learn something

Landcare is holding its national conference in Sydney (August 23-25). Attend in person or online to hear speakers on topics ranging from Landcare farming and emerging environmental markets to building community partnerships. The achievements of 61 nominees for the Landcare awards will also be celebrated on August 24. The nominees were the winners in the 2021 State and Territory Landcare Program.

3) Lead an activity

Keep Australia Beautiful Week also takes place during the month of August. It’s all about removing litter from Australia’s beaches, parks, waterways, bushland and roadsides. Clubbing together with your neighbours, friends, or work colleagues can be a great way to clean up your local area. If you register for its Adopt-a-Spot program the organisation will send you all you need to get started including sacks, tongs, and gloves.

4) Raise funds

There’s more than one way to take practical action to help the environment. Why not show your support by raising funds for a conservation project or donating money through a workplace giving program that supports environmental causes.

5) Keep an eye out

Another valuable contribution you can make is to register with Keep Australia Beautiful as a litter reporter. If you spot someone throwing their rubbish out the car window, illegally dumping rubbish, or driving a smoky vehicle you can report them anonymously via an app. With the right information the offender may get hit with a fine.